The agmdhope’s Podcast

An Interview With 8th Grader Lillian Kay VanHouten - Daughter Of A Gastroparesis Patient And Advocate - March 2018

September 10, 2018

Listen to a candid interview of Lillian Kaye VanHouten as we talk about what it's like being a daughter of a gastroparesis patient and advocate. The program promises to be enlightening and inspiring!

Lillian Kaye VanHouten is the daughter of Melissa Adams VanHouten, a Gastroparesis patient and advocate.  Lilly is an eighth-grade honors student at a Lutheran middle school who enjoys drawing, writing, singing, and acting, and who would like to pursue a career in the entertainment field and/or zookeeping (as she has a passion for animals, especially giraffes).  She helps her mother cope with the sometimes-difficult world of chronic illness and advocates on her behalf whenever she can.